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#33. Get Promoted!

July 2, 2009

I am just knocking these goals out all over the place! Now I need to work on getting some more of the easy ones out of the way so I can get cracking on the time-consuming and difficult ones. Yesterday I was promoted! I knew that I would achieve this goal, because it happens after one year of employment. But it wasn’t just like all I had to do was stick around for a year. There was a very lengthy process involved before I was ready to have my evaluation. I’m so glad to have it behind me! Now I am officially a “clinical colleague”. The evaluation itself wasn’t too intimidating; all the work had been done previously. I had to rate myself in about…
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#46. walk the kemah boardwalk

June 30, 2009

The weekend right before I went to camp David and I were adult sponsors and small group leaders for a Disciple Now event for the youth group in our church. One of the fun things we did with the kids on Saturday was go to Kemah. I was excited because it was one of the items listed on my 101 goals! Really bad picture of the entrance The very first thing we did (before David lost his nerve ;)) was ride Bullet, the wooden roller coaster. And although it was jarring, it was a blast! If I was rich I would have bought the photo that they took of us while we were on the ride. It showed me smiling,…
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Diary of a Rookie Camp Nurse

June 28, 2009

I’m back from camp and it’s good to be home. I’m going to attempt to sum up the week I had for you, and I’m going to start by getting a few points out of the way: >If you grew up going to camp every summer as a kid, then worked all summer at camp until you graduated from college, and even wanted to work full-time at camp for awhile, and therefore you are very excited about going back as the camp nurse, know this: it will NOT be the same thing. It won’t be what you remember. Especially if it’s a different camp than the one you grew up with and you don’t know that many people. Being the…
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#31. Take the Charge Nurse Class

June 11, 2009

I went to the 8-hour long class at Methodist the other week that supposedly taught me how to be a charge nurse. What is that, you wonder? Well, a charge nurse is basically like a supervisor. Except that we already HAVE a supervisor on our unit. Two, in fact: our director, and the nursing manager. The manager acts as the charge nurse Monday through Friday, and she doesn’t have a patient assignment. But on the weekends, we’re on our own. Someone has to charge, and that person has to have a patient assignment as well. For my weekend, that person is always my mentor Pat. But she’ll be retiring soon, so others will have to take over. At first, being the…
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Goals Update

May 1, 2009

Just wanted to check in and let you know how I’m doing with my 101 goals. Although I’ve only fully completed one task, I am working in bits and pieces on others. So for the sake of accountability, here’s the update: #1 – Shop at a farmer’s market: I found out that one meets near my house every Saturday, and I have plans to visit with a friend of mine a week from tomorrow. #2 – Cook dinner once a week for a month: I’ve actually cooked twice this week! And one was a new recipe! This is a breakthrough for me. #7 – Do a bike race: I am officially in training for a triathlon, which totally counts. More on this soon….
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