#33. Get Promoted!

July 2, 2009

I am just knocking these goals out all over the place! Now I need to work on getting some more of the easy ones out of the way so I can get cracking on the time-consuming and difficult ones.

Yesterday I was promoted! I knew that I would achieve this goal, because it happens after one year of employment. But it wasn’t just like all I had to do was stick around for a year. There was a very lengthy process involved before I was ready to have my evaluation. I’m so glad to have it behind me! Now I am officially a “clinical colleague”.

The evaluation itself wasn’t too intimidating; all the work had been done previously. I had to rate myself in about 50 bazillion categories and be prepared to give reasons why I gave myself that rating. My director and manager rated me on the same categories, and during my evaluation I read over what they said about me. For the most part the ratings were the same or one point lower/higher than I gave myself, and I had no disagreements. We talked about my goals, some classes I want to take, and my involvement in hospital committees. Then she told me what my pay increase will be, and when it takes effect. It’s very nice to work for a company that, as told to me by its lawyers during orientation, “will never run out of money”.

I feel a lot more relaxed about work now, and with camp out of the way I have a lot more discretionary time. I’m looking forward to tackling some more home improvement projects soon, finding more furniture that we need, attempting to cook more often, and of course spending quality time with David, which is my favorite activity. :)

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    Congratulations! You’re awesome, Kat!

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