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#16. Find the Perfect Mascara

August 2, 2009

In my makeup routine, I have found that the single product that changes the way I look the most is mascara. I like to look natural and fresh, even though we all know that it takes work to look “natural” and not “just-rolled-out-of-bed-greasy-and-rumpled.” So I’ve made it my quest to find the perfect mascara, and then I will buy it and keep buying it no matter the cost. Here are a few products that I’ve used in the past, that have made me look for greener grass: Too Faced Lash Injection Sephora Brand (can’t find a link) Mary Kay’s Ultimate mascara Maybelline Full ‘N’ Soft Bourjuois False Lash Illusion I tend to like big, round brushes, but I’m willing to…
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Just Enjoying Life, Is All

July 28, 2009

This picture makes me happy. I took it this afternoon. I’ve been enjoying the time I’ve created for myself since I last wrote. For example, I finished the book I was reading for book club, read a short story, and got through a couple of chapters of another book I’m working on. I cooked dinner for David and my parents, and it was good. While my mom and I walked the dogs, the men did some maintenance on my car. That was good too. I went to my cousin’s son’s first birthday party, watched a little TV with David, saw Harry Potter, cleaned the house. Worked some long and tough hours, then ate a huge brownie. Not all in one…
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Just Some Stuff

July 16, 2009

Lately I feel like there are so many things going on in my life, little and big, that it’s hard to keep straight. I just want some time to relax and read my books, but it’s hard to let myself have that time. Anyway, before I head to bed I want to share with you a few of those random things that are happening, or that I’m thinking about. >The triathlon that I’ve been training for is about a month and a half away. I’m pleased to report that running is going very well. As long as I don’t attempt it in the heat of the day, I have no trouble running the 5k. Swimming is another matter. After I…
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Honey Mustard Chicken

July 6, 2009

As far as homemaking goes, I may be a little behind the curve. Strengths: cleaning, organization, scrapbooking, getting the bills paid on time, and taking care of you if you’re sick. “Growth areas” (this is therapy speak): sewing, gardening, decorating, and COOKING. I am completely inexperienced with cooking, which at times makes me feel like less of a woman, or something. (I’m exaggerating, people.) Anyway, I know I’m not going to go from newbie to chef extraordinaire overnight, so I’m starting slow. Hence my goal #2, cook dinner once a week for a month. This is the meal I cooked on Friday, and hopefully I can follow it up for the next three Fridays to complete the goal. Honey Mustard…
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#55. Change Passport to Married Name.

July 4, 2009

Another easy goalĀ out of the way! All I had to do for this one was shell out the $75 fee and get my paperwork together. It required me to mail in my old passport, and while I was not sorry to see that horrible picture go I was sorry to part with all the stamps I had acquired: Three examples: France, England, Ireland. Just the other day I got my new passport in the mail. All clean and blank and empty, full of potential. David has never been out of the country so I hope to take him one day. Oh, and they also mailed me my old passport back. :)