Just Enjoying Life, Is All

July 28, 2009


This picture makes me happy. I took it this afternoon.

I’ve been enjoying the time I’ve created for myself since I last wrote. For example, I finished the book I was reading for book club, read a short story, and got through a couple of chapters of another book I’m working on. I cooked dinner for David and my parents, and it was good. While my mom and I walked the dogs, the men did some maintenance on my car. That was good too. I went to my cousin’s son’s first birthday party, watched a little TV with David, saw Harry Potter, cleaned the house. Worked some long and tough hours, then ate a huge brownie. Not all in one day.

I haven’t exercised much, but that’s okay.

I feel obligated to mention the goals I’ve completed lately as well. The meal I cooked for my parents was the fourth meal in four weeks, goal #2. It was enchilada casserole. I’ll put up the recipe sometime. I wear a pedometer at work now, goal #11. Apparently I walk between 3-4 miles while there. And part of the above mentioned maintenance on my car was new windshield wipers, goal #98.

I was going to run errands today, but I don’t feel up to it anymore. Instead I think I’ll cuddle up next to Cleo and read. Then when the sun starts to go down I’ll put on my running shoes and go for a jog. Shower, sleep. Wake up for another beautiful summer day tomorrow.

Life is good, you know?

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Comments on Just Enjoying Life, Is All

  1. 1

    From Mom:

    Your picture makes me happy, too; it reminds me of Mexico. I feel peaceful just reading about your recent life. You’re accomplishing, yet accomplishing serenely. Did you get to cuddle with Cleo and read?

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    I got to read, but try as I might Cleo just won’t cuddle unless she’s in the mood!

  3. 3

    From Tabaitha Kaye:

    Sounds like a nice summer day!

  4. 4

    From dad:

    When she brought that brownie out I thought it was a brick. It was HUGE! :)

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