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around here

June 5, 2015

Around here it’s been a fairly normal week. We are in money-saving mode and I’ve managed to trick myself into considering it a game to see how little money I can spend. I’m also planning a trip to Galveston (an island town about an hour away from us) for next weekend, and after that a big house decluttering. Both have me excited in different ways. :) Around here Meredith is healing up from a dog bite she got last weekend. We know the dog well so we aren’t worried about rabies or anything crazy like that, but it was still scary. Dog bites can do strange things and hers sure enough got infected. It’s not healing quite like I want…
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morning routine

June 3, 2015

I don’t know what it was, exactly, that made me feel so tired and out of control over the past few months, but I was. During that time I let a lot of my healthy practices slip away. I wasn’t sleeping well, and I’d wake up late and spend my spare minutes browsing my phone, then I’d rush the kids out the door and work all day, have an energy crash in the afternoon, eat whatever I wanted to give myself a boost, and convince myself that we were too busy for me to spend time exercising. The first step in me feeling more like myself was to let go of the extras, to recall my priorities, and that helped…
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LIGHT : may

May 29, 2015

The month of May has been so good to me as far as feeling lighter. It started out rough, but once I decided to change my attitude, refocus my priorities, and let some things go, everything turned around. Maybe partially coincidence, but I’m going with it! spiritual Recently I’ve benefitted a lot spiritually from my revamped morning routine, which I will be sharing more about next week. I now rarely miss my morning Bible study/prayer time and that makes a big difference. I just finished Beth Moore’s study “Stepping Up” about the Psalms of ascent. I really enjoyed it, and now I’m wondering what my next study will be. I am always working on praying more continually throughout my day…
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on dancing

May 26, 2015

Recently we went out to eat as a family. (This in itself is worthy of documenting, but that’s not the story for today.) Anyway, we were out to eat at a casual steakhouse, the kind where¬†the servers wear little American flags sticking out of their back pockets, the floors are covered in crushed peanut shells, and there is country music playing nonstop, loud enough so that if a toddler decides to exercise his vocal chords no one will really notice. It was a weeknight and the kids were both in good moods. Liam had never been happier, stuffing fistful after fistful of food in his mouth and shrieking with glee from time to time, as one does. Meredith was asking…
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around here // unusual week

May 22, 2015

Around here it’s been a weird week because Liam was sick for five straight days. On Sunday night he got a fever of 105 which was causing just a little bit of internal panic but we managed to get it down pretty quickly with meds and a cool bath. At urgent care that morning they had claimed it was just a virus so we never did go back to the doctor. Each day his fever was slightly lower until finally yesterday it didn’t come back. In addition to that he has a particularly heinous cough, but nothing overly concerning. Monday my mom was able to watch Liam, then I was home with him during the day on Tuesday and worked…
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