April 10, 2015

currently / kapachino

commuting almost two hours to the medical center for three days in a row because my local clinic doesn’t have enough patients.

training to help out in other areas of the hospital like pre-op and radiation.

unplugging from the computer for a whole day except to google “diep surgery” and “t&a surgery” to fill out consent forms.

getting extremely stressed out by the work uncertainty and being really grumpy as a result.

frantically texting my mom asking for prayers because I don’t feel like I can even muster the energy to get through the bedtime routine, let alone face another day.

administering antibiotics to Liam for an ear infection.

giving myself a break from cooking in order to gain a bit more time and patience.

trying to get Meredith to sleep in her own bed at night – or at least fall asleep there (it’s been two nights in a row!).

walking to the park every night.

reading a good book.

knitting a few rows each day.

signing up for a 5k so I’ll have some motivation to start running again.

finally feeling like myself again.

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    From Nora:

    Wow, friend, you have a lot going on. I’m sorry to hear about the uncertainty on the work front. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that there aren’t enough patients or not (meaning, maybe less sick people?). I know one thing for sure, I certainly wish that we had a nurse & person like you when we went through my mom’s cancer stuff.

    Good books + knitting sound like great wins! Glad you’re feeling more like yourself and I hope this weekend (and the bedtime routines) are kind to you.

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    From Delaney:

    Things sound pretty full on, but good that you’re feeling like yourself again! Hope things will settle soon. Xx

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