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March 30, 2015

Recently I won a six month membership to the site Big Picture Classes. It’s a fun website for paper crafters and memory keepers with all sorts of classes. You pay by the month so you have full access to all the classes within that time.

I’ve been having fun exploring the site. Two of my favorite classes right off the bat were Inspired Everyday Photography and Pocket Prompts. They are short, but have already inspired me to play around with my photography a bit. For awhile I’ve been neglecting to take photos, and while that can be good sometimes (I am enjoying the moment) I also want to document the stories.

In the class Pocket Prompts, there will be five new prompts each month and I want to challenge myself to complete them. This month’s class was written by Donya Gjerdingen, and here are my photos:

1 / unconventional self-portrait

pocket prompts : unconventional self-portrait

at my paper crafting station

2 / technology

pocket prompts : technology

where I keep my computer and my sewing machine

3 / an unhappy moment

pocket prompts : unhappy moment

pouting about something

4 / frame your subject

pocket prompts : frame your subject

he finally tolerates swinging

5 / patterns in nature

pocket prompts : patterns in nature

we have wisteria in our backyard and I didn’t even know. happy discovery!

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    From Julia:

    I’ve been wanting to sign up for Big Picture Classes; I love that they’ve gone to a subscription-based model. I’ll have to check this class out since I’m always looking for photo prompts.

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Love these pictures. Did you snap the one of you at your work station with the remote control you bought? I love it when there’s a new discovery about our property; I am anxiously awaiting our perennials to pop up. They are taking a bit longer than usual so I’m hoping the ridiculously cold temps we had this past winter didn’t kill them.

  3. 3

    From Kathleen:

    Thank you! I took it with a tripod and the TimerCam app!

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