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December 7, 2014

As I write this, it is Sunday afternoon. David is out driving with Meredith. I’m sitting at a desk in my craft room – leaning back, with my legs crossed over the knee – and Liam is asleep on top of me. Somehow I’ve managed to balance him on my chest with his head on my shoulder and get my hands free to type. My legs are propped against the legs of the desk in such a way as to keep me exactly in this position. He is a large baby, as I may have mentioned before, so I can’t say that I am exactly comfortable. I opened the computer intending to browse my Project Life Pinterest board. Before Liam…
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slowing down, letting go

November 18, 2014

On Saturday night David and I had a little heart to heart. He told me something that was hard to hear, something that I immediately wanted to make excuses for, or dismiss. It didn’t fit with my idea of myself. He told me that I never seem happy. I got defensive because I’m an optimist. I am rarely angry. I’m calm. In my mind, I am happy most of the time. I love my life and there isn’t much I would change about it. But obviously, there was a reason that David came to me with that; he doesn’t just make stuff up. I must not be acting happy. I thought about it, and I have some reasons: I haven’t been…
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tgif: cold weather edition

November 14, 2014

The high of my week was lots of extra baby cuddles the last few days, but that’s because… The low of my week was getting vomited on all night by Liam and finding out that he has another bad ear and sinus infection. We are headed to a specialist later this morning and I’m eager to see what they have to say. Poor little guy catches every whiff of an infection that comes his way and it’s not even winter yet. The best money I spent this week was a $25 copay and $35 for medication, realistically. But the most fun money I spent was about $7 on page protectors for my week in the life album. A podcast episode…
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texas style council 2015 : i’m going!

November 13, 2014

I just had to devote an entire post to the fact that I’m planning to attend my first ever blog conference in March of 2015, Texas Style Council. Going to a blog conference is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I really want to meet some people and learn some things! However, having little kids and budgeting constraints have prevented me from going until now. I actually know the founder of Texas Style Council! We met in Austin through a mutual friend many years ago and I’ve been following her online ever since. The conference took a hiatus last year and this year has been totally revamped. It’s not going to be one of those flashy things at…
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tgif : week in the life edition

October 31, 2014

The high of my week was probably just the entire process of documenting a week in the life. It’s been much easier than I expected, and it has me very excited to put together a mini album. Two more days to go after today! The low of my week was a very difficult night of parenting on Wednesday. Meredith had been so good all week until then, so I knew a meltdown was coming. Thankfully I had read a lot in Raising Your Spirited Child that day so I had more patience than usual and some new techniques to try. They weren’t all successful, but at least I kept my cool through most of it (which was all evening – 5 hours of…
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