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this week

October 17, 2014

  Just a few pictures and words for you today. This has been a bit of an exhausting week. My coworker was sick so I’ve been running a busy clinic alone all week (and will be until next Wednesday). Meredith has been having one of her “spirited” weeks as well. I’ve been reading this book and it’s given me a lot of insight. I’ve been using some techniques on Meredith and I do think they help…but the whole process is draining. It will be good though. She and I are very different, but I love my spunky girl so much. We’ve been whole30-ing it up. Sort of. Trying our best. It’s a big deal and also not a big deal….
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3 quick things i’m doing to get in the mood for fall

September 30, 2014

This post has been sponsored, but as always (for good or bad) all the content is my own. I am so excited that it’s almost October. Except for the fact that it’s crazy how fast this year has gone by, I’m pretty happy that the summer is really truly behind us. October is when we usually get our first real cool front. October is our wedding anniversary (six years on Friday). October kicks off the holiday season which I love. The traditions, the rituals, the anticipation, the fact that most of it centers around the home…it’s all designed to make me happy. Me personally. It’s like with Lorelai and snow…and if you know what I’m talking about you know what I…
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tgif : the i’m so tired edition

September 19, 2014

Taking a page out of Stephany’s book to recap my week. Contrary to the above picture (which was last weekend) it has been overcast and rainy the last several days, which is kind of appropriate. Even though it keeps me perpetually soggy, I am grateful for the relief from the intense heat. The high of my week was a playdate at Chick-fil-a with my sister-in-law and one of our friends from church. It started out kind of rough, but eventually the kids calmed down and there was a solid 20-30 minutes where they were all playing happily and Liam was content in his high chair and we got to sit and have girl talk time. The low of my week was an…
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app review : kids academy

September 13, 2014

Hey, this is a sponsored post – I am being paid to provide a review of these three (free) kids’ apps, but I promise to always give you my honest opinion!  So recently I tried out the free versions of these three apps by Kids Academy, and I wanted to share some quick reviews of them. Kids Puzzle This is a straightforward game to teach your child about numbers. It has them tracing the number in order to collect fireflies and fill a jar. You can also create a little profile for your child including a picture which is kind of fun. What I thought: It’s a really cute concept. I thought it would be way too hard for Meredith,…
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new running shoes

September 5, 2014

I got new running shoes, and I kind of hate the way they look. Let me start over, because apparently the fact that I got new shoes requires a back story and I have way more thoughts on the matter than one would expect. So. The shoes I had been running in were probably about four years old. They were high quality, and I had been fitted for them. But I never logged a lot of miles in them because I ended up having two babies, so I thought that they might last me awhile. In the back of my mind I had a feeling I might need to get new ones prior to running a half marathon, but I…
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