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October 17, 2014


this week



Just a few pictures and words for you today.

This has been a bit of an exhausting week. My coworker was sick so I’ve been running a busy clinic alone all week (and will be until next Wednesday). Meredith has been having one of her “spirited” weeks as well. I’ve been reading this book and it’s given me a lot of insight. I’ve been using some techniques on Meredith and I do think they help…but the whole process is draining. It will be good though. She and I are very different, but I love my spunky girl so much.

We’ve been whole30-ing it up. Sort of. Trying our best. It’s a big deal and also not a big deal. We are going with the simplest of meals. Like, straight up ground beef and potatoes. Salad with shredded chicken (obviously). Pot roast. Chicken tenders. Easy.

I put up a few autumn decorations. A very few, but they make me happy. Last weekend I got to work more on my advent calendar and I think I might be able to finish my December after all. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m loving it though.

It got cool in the mornings so I dared to run outside one day this week. Turns out 82 degrees, sunny, with tree pollen sky high is still not good running weather. I was quite uncomfortable.

Liam pulled up to standing by himself for the first time. My big boy! He was so proud of himself until he fell on his bum. Then he cried. He’s been pretty sensitive this week. He’s on antibiotics for a sinus infection and has had some digestive difficulties as well. He’s nine months old today. I love my mama’s boy.

Tomorrow we are headed to the pumpkin patch and then to a big women’s health event at my hospital. It’s going to be a very busy Saturday indeed, and then I will need a 24-hour nap.

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    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    Sleeping baby pics are the best! I hope you get some downtime this weekend to rest up. Sounds like a tiring week.

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    From Holly:

    I love that picture of Liam – he’s adorable! I hope you’re able to have a restful weekend!

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