tgif : the i’m so tired edition

September 19, 2014


Taking a page out of Stephany’s book to recap my week. Contrary to the above picture (which was last weekend) it has been overcast and rainy the last several days, which is kind of appropriate. Even though it keeps me perpetually soggy, I am grateful for the relief from the intense heat.

The high of my week was a playdate at Chick-fil-a with my sister-in-law and one of our friends from church. It started out kind of rough, but eventually the kids calmed down and there was a solid 20-30 minutes where they were all playing happily and Liam was content in his high chair and we got to sit and have girl talk time.

The low of my week was an hour-long screaming meltdown by Meredith at bedtime…and all the other meltdowns (but that was the worst). She’s in one of those phases and it just might do me in – send chocolate.

The best money I spent was a medium cafe mocha at work the morning after the above meltdown.

A podcast episode I loved was Decisive Blogging” on How They Blog with Kat Lee & Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs. Darcy. Thanks to Kerri for introducing me to this podcast! This was the first episode I listened to, and it was perfect for me in that Anne talked a lot about balancing her blog with her very full life.

My weekend plans include attending my second Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting (I hope) and a huge family fun day for my company, as long as it isn’t pouring down rain. We are also hosting a dinner for our church life group. As far as personal projects go, I’d like to finish a book, get the tricky part of the binding done on my quilt, schedule some blog posts, and run 6 miles (the farthest I’ve ever run – yikes).

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    From Melanie:

    Kat Lee’s other podcast, Inspired to Action, is one of my faves!

    I wish there was a magic pill for meltdowns, glad you had a treat the next morning. :)

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