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October 31, 2014

tgif week in the life

The high of my week was probably just the entire process of documenting a week in the life. It’s been much easier than I expected, and it has me very excited to put together a mini album. Two more days to go after today!

The low of my week was a very difficult night of parenting on Wednesday. Meredith had been so good all week until then, so I knew a meltdown was coming. Thankfully I had read a lot in Raising Your Spirited Child that day so I had more patience than usual and some new techniques to try. They weren’t all successful, but at least I kept my cool through most of it (which was all evening – 5 hours of intense parenting).

The best money I spent was $34.95 to order the week in the life kit (no album) from Ali Edwards. I have a pretty good idea of how I want to use it, and I love Ali’s design plan.

A podcast episode I loved was Motherhood and Nutrition – Simple Steps To Eating Better – A Chat with Trina Holden” on Inspired to Action. I’m just getting into this podcast and loving it so far. Since this summer when I did whole30 I’ve been very focused on transforming the way we eat and there were a lot of practical tips in this episode.

My weekend plans include trick-or-treating in my brother-in-law’s neighborhood (so all the cousins can go together), and going on a double date tomorrow to attend The Addams Family Musical that my brother is directing. If you’re local, you should come! It’s free, and the productions are really well done. Other than that, we have no plans. So I’m pretty excited about that. :)

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    From Nora:

    Wish I lived closer; would definitely go check out the musical! I love live theater and the Addams Family is one of my favorites this time of year.

    have fun trick-or-treating tonight! Hope you’ll share a pic on IG of the kids in their costumes :)

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