tgif: cold weather edition

November 14, 2014

tgif cold weather edition

The high of my week was lots of extra baby cuddles the last few days, but that’s because…

The low of my week was getting vomited on all night by Liam and finding out that he has another bad ear and sinus infection. We are headed to a specialist later this morning and I’m eager to see what they have to say. Poor little guy catches every whiff of an infection that comes his way and it’s not even winter yet.

The best money I spent this week was a $25 copay and $35 for medication, realistically. But the most fun money I spent was about $7 on page protectors for my week in the life album.

A podcast episode I loved was “Personality Types and Parenting” on Inspired to Action. This gave me so much more insight into the Meyers-Briggs typing and I really want to dig into it more. I also got lots of ideas for Liam’s first birthday while listening to “Turning One, It Ain’t About the Baby” on One Bad Mother.

My weekend plans include craft night tonight, going for a long run (aiming for 8-9 miles), attending a kids’ birthday party, helping out in the preschool class in church, and making cookies. Hopefully I’ll also get to do some crafting, but there’s never any guarantee. :)

Happy Friday!


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    From Nora:

    A long run this weekend sounds glorious! How chilly is it there? Today our high is 34. Just too cold for my taste. Cookies sound good, too.

    So sorry to hear about Liam; the poor kid! I hope the specialist can help. Will continue to think of you all! xo

  2. 2

    From Meg:

    I agree with Nora — a long run sounds awesome. I’m trying to work my way up to runs that long, but haven’t gotten past 5 miles, yet. Good luck with cookies and winter illnesses!

  3. 3

    From Holly:

    I hope Liam feels better soon and that you get some real rest this weekend! We’ve been hit with the flu this week … Since Topher started school we seem to catch every little thing! I’m hoping to have a relaxing weekend with lots of time spent reading in bed, but we’ll see if the kids cooperate :)

  4. 4

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    I loved that personality types podcast! I’ve never listened to One Bad Mother but it sounds funny. Hope you have a better weekend! I’ve got a sick 4 yr old at home today (he keeps catching stomach bugs!) so I feel your pain on the puking.

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