Cute Socks

March 17, 2009


Before I became a nurse I was really excited about the prospect of wearing scrubs every day. And I do admit, they are comfortable. Also, it takes me no time at all in the morning to pick out what I’m wearing. The biggest decisions I have to make are: Do I want to wear a white or black undershirt? Do I want to wear the scrub top that buttons down or pulls over my head? It’s pretty great.

However, it comes with a price – UTTER BOREDOM. At Methodist, there is only one color of scrubs we can wear, and it is called Caribbean Blue. This is what it looks like:


Not a bad color, really, but it gets old. Fridays are great because we can wear whatever color we want. That’s when I get wild and break out my navy blue or light pink. I’m a rebel, I know. If you visit our church on Sunday, you’ll spot me because I’m the one in heels and a dress, relishing the chance to wear something different for a change.

So anyway, lately I’ve been buying lots of cute socks. My whole life I’ve mostly been a neutral sock kind of girl, wearing mainly white or whatever color matched my shoes or pants. But I’ve discovered that a sock with a little color, stripes, or design can give my day a lift, even if no one notices but me. And sometimes, on my unit, that can make all the difference.

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Comments on Cute Socks

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    From Erica:

    I too like the idea of wearing scrubs every day…but I realize that at some point I would reach the point of boredom as well–especially since you are limited to a certain color. Glad you’re back to blogging–I missed you!

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    From Emily:

    My friends use to wonder if I owned a pair of white socks or any solid, neutral color for that matter! :)

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