It Doesn’t Work If You Don’t Use It

May 11, 2009

Today, the painters sanded everything. And that’s it. So what should have taken at the most 3 days and been finished by Friday is now going on the 6th day. Oh well. My in-laws’ house is very homey. My parents’ house is homey too, but their guest room has two single beds, and David and I have grown accustomed to sleeping near each other at night. :)

Also, last night my computer decided to stop working. And now I am inwardly freaking out because I bought an external hard drive, but I have yet to use it.  (Sorry Scott, don’t be disappointed in me!) And just as soon as I finish typing this I am going to troubleshoot my computer and pray very hard that I haven’t lost all my pictures and the project that I’ve been working on and have to present to get promoted at work.

And then I’m going to have some fudge cake and maybe a little ice cream, and all will be right with the world.

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Comments on It Doesn’t Work If You Don’t Use It

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    From DeMo:

    It’s an awful feeling when a computer crashes. I hope that you can get everything back! I have yet to get an EHD. But I have all of my school stuff backed up and most of my pictures can be found on facebook somewhere.

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    From Mindy:

    Sorry to hear about your computer… Two days before our wedding, my laptop crashed, and our slideshow we were going to play during the reception was on it! I seriously thought I was going to be sick. As in, hi, I’m turning green now. Thankfully, somehow future-hubby got it back up and running and all was fine! So I wish the same for yours!! :) Cake really does help, doesn’t it…?

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    From Julienne:

    Ohhh, cake.

    For the first time EVER I had Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice cream and it was insanely good. Now I realize what the fuss is about!

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