Current Obsession: Competitive Reality TV

August 31, 2011

Since I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. It’s not always time that can be used on just anything, though, because the baby refuses to be put down for any stretch of time. So I’ve found myself watching a lot more TV than usual. And since I started writing reviews for ApeDonkey, an entertainment blog run by my brother and his friend, I’ve become even more interested in TV in general.

So my thing is that I refuse to jump in on a show in the middle if it is a serialized drama. That’s why I’ve been watching a lot of competitive reality shows, since they start new every season. (But I do watch some other shows via Netflix; right now we’re into Prison Break and Mad Men, both available on instant streaming.)

Shows I watch now:

>Project Runway – how have I never watched a full season of this before? I love it.

>So You Think You Can Dance – again, I watched my first season this summer on my brother’s urging, and it was quality. I’ve always loved watching good dance.

>Dancing With the Stars – this is one I’ve watched for years, not only for the dance (which is sometimes terrible) but for the personalities. I’ve come to enjoy it as much for the pros and judges as for the “stars.” (And for the record, my favorite couple going into this season is Hope Solo and Maks!)

>American Idol – one of the classics, and as a singer myself I even feel somewhat qualified to critique the performances.

>The Bachelor/Bachelorette – some may call this a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure it is.

>HGTV Design Star – another new one that I absolutely love. One of my favorites got kicked off this week so now I’m rooting for Meg to win.

What other shows in this genre should I be watching?

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    From Erin @ The Speckled Palate:

    It sounds like we both like the same kind of shows… and I definitely recommend Top Chef if you’re digging Project Runway and these others. Something about adding the food into it just makes me SO happy and inspires me to make different things, though I am nowhere near as creative as those folks in the kitchen.

  2. 2

    From tillie:

    HELLO – Project Runway is the greatest…well, not the LA season, but the rest. Season 2 is by far still my favorite. Seriously, get it on DVD. Santino and the crazies? wow.

    I watch most cooking shows…Top Chef Desserts is on right now {not as good as regular top chef}…also Hell’s Kitchen.

    I need to catch up on Design Star.

  3. 3

    From Suburban Sweetheart:

    You & me both! I don’t love this season of Project Runway yet, but man, I obsess over that show anyway.

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