Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips For A Working Mom

October 26, 2011

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In the course of a year I’ve gone from being a newly-married, career-oriented infertile to a working, breastfeeding mom. It’s been a big change. I’m still adjusting every day, but there are some things that have made the transition a lot easier.

>Cultivate balance. I know that working full time doesn’t make me a bad mom and the fact that work isn’t my #1 priority doesn’t make me a bad employee. While I’m at work I try to be there 100%, but I make time to pump and if I finish early I leave early, and I definitely don’t think about work while I’m at home.

>Establish a routine. This has been THE biggest help. Since I have to leave for work so early I do everything I can at night, that way getting out the door in the morning is a breeze. After letting myself sleep in on Saturday, I do a quick general clean first thing and get laundry done. That way Sunday can be a true day of rest.

>See your partner as your teammate. My husband loves doing errands, so I let him do all the grocery shopping. He’s also in charge of taking care of the dogs by feeding them and giving Eddie her nightly pill. When I need some time to myself (to shower or get things done) he takes Meredith for awhile, and often bathes her.

>Use lists. What works best for me is the amazing “Things” app for iPhone. It’s the best, most intuitive to-do list I’ve ever found. Through it, I keep track of daily tasks, projects, and ideas. I’d be lost without it.

>Prioritize your “me” time. I make sure to do something I enjoy every day, like reading a chapter in a book, watching a TV show, taking a walk, or socializing with my family. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, and if I’m not careful I’ll let even those fun things overwhelm me. When I have free time I think about what will really give me the most pleasure at that moment, and I do that. I don’t do something (even blogging) if I don’t feel like it.

There are more, but I thought hard about it and those are the biggest, most important things that keep my life relaxed, manageable, and fun. Now, tell me your smart lifestyle tips!


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Comments on Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips For A Working Mom

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    From Sarah:

    Great tips! I would also say, plan ahead as much as possible, I get myself organized each night for the next day. Also, I lower my expectations. I’m not a super mom, and I don’t have to be. Sometimes good enough is good enough!

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    Plan ahead, definitely! I changed my schedule up so that I do everything I can the night before now, including showering. So helpful to make mornings easy!

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