April 30, 2012

I discovered something awesome: putting Meredith in front of Photobooth. I had it on the chipmunk setting. I guess it has facial recognition, and it’s like it registered Meredith’s face, noted her already huge cheeks, and decided it didn’t need to alter them.

Me: chipmunk. Her: skeptical, not a chipmunk.

Oh look, one of her cheeks is a little bit puffed…

She’s over it. This isn’t working.

Oh wait. THERE we go.

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Comments on chipmunks

  1. 1

    From Sara:

    OMG this is hilarous <3

  2. 2

    From Jeanna:

    Love your blog :) I wish I had time to read all of your back posts. I relate to so much of what you’ve posted. Meredith is beautiful!

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