five favorite books of 2012

January 3, 2013

Many of the books I read in 2012 I liked a lot and rated 4 stars. But only five (technically six, because I cheated) would I say I LOVED and rated 5 stars.


Ptolemy’s Gate by Jonathan Stroud – This is the third in a trilogy of children’s fantasy that I listened to on audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed. It was a perfect example of what a final book should be.

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie – I’m fascinated with Russian history, and this is one of those stories where the truth really is stranger than fiction.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – The characters were the main draw for me here. I loved them.

Sabriel and Lirael by Garth Nix – The first two in a trilogy of YA fantasy, narrated by Tim Curry on audio, and they’ve kind of ruined all other YA fantasy for me. The only reason the third in the trilogy (Abhorsen) isn’t on this list is because my library doesn’t carry it on audio. I might just have to buy it; THAT is how much I love this series.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Along with everyone else in the world, I loved this for the suspense, the dark characterization, and the fact that I couldn’t put it down.

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Comments on five favorite books of 2012

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    From Scott:

    I’m so happy to see Ptolemy’s Gate and the Abhorsen Trilogy on your list, they were definitely 2 of my favorites for last year as well. The rest of my top 5 would consist of Moby-Dick, Catch-22, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (this may have been the end of 2011, but it was so good I need to mention it).

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    From Krista:

    I loved The Book Thief too. I have had it on my self for a number of years and finally picked it up this year. The characters were excellent!

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