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October 10, 2013

So as I was saying earlier this week, I visited IKEA last weekend since Meredith and I were kicked out of the house while our carpet was installed. It’s about a 30-minute trek to get there for me and we all know that once you’re inside it’s never a quick trip, so I don’t go very often. I do love it for home accessories though! I brought home a lot of this stuff and wanted to share.

For our bedroom:

ikea bedroom

INDIRA bedspread – even though I want a handmade blanket with a little more color as a permanent bedcover, this will be great for in the meantime and for layering later on.

EIVOR throw – so classic, so good. I need more black and white in my house.

RACKA curtain rods – I’ve heard that these cheap curtain rods actually hold up really well! I got them for our bedroom and also for several other places in our house.

FORSA lamp  – I think an industrial-style work lamp like this is perfect for our nightstands. I have learned that it is super hot to touch when it’s turned on though, so word of warning!

For kiddos:

ikea kids

LATT children’s table and two chairs – Meredith would LOVE this and use it all the time. We didn’t get it yet because I think my dad might be making her a table, but if that doesn’t work out this is a great deal.

BEKVAM step stool – we got this so kids can reach the sink for handwashing, and maybe to “help” with cooking.

DUKTIG doll bed – Meredith has started to like to put all of her toys to “nigh nigh” so a little doll bed would be fun for her.

DUKTIG baking set – It’s the season for baking and I would love for her to be able to mimic mommy. Plus these would be great play-doh toys.

For the whole house:

ikea house

FEJKA artificial plants – I love the fig (they didn’t have it though) but I got the succulent and a couple of herbs. Most of their artificial plants look pretty realistic if you don’t get too close! I got a few for the low light areas of our house that aren’t great for plant growth. I’m not great at plant care yet but I really do want to have more live plants in our house as well, but there are some spots where they just won’t thrive.

Planters: MANDEL, FRIDFULL, SOCKER, KARDEMUMMA – Of course plants need plant pots and I like these affordable options.

SOCKER watering can – This is just useful, and the style of it is something I wouldn’t mind keeping out.

Cushions & covers: LAPPLJUNG RUTA – I have a serious lack of throw pillows. Need more.


Aside from these things we also have some of their curtains, a coffee table (which isn’t holding up that well & we’ll have to replace), and all of our nursery furniture (crib, shelves, dresser) which is working out great. Especially the HEMNES dresser which looks so nice and is very solid quality!

What do you love at IKEA? I’m taking notes for my next trip there. :)

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    From Mindy:

    So fun! I love the B&W throw. And their kid stuff (esp their plates/cups that are super cheap!). TJMaxx Home Goods and Hobby Lobby have cute painted, wooden stepstools too… we have them in our bathrooms, and the kitchen for “helping” :) I don’t go to Ikea much either, but when I do I dart down to the textiles area and oogle the jars and containers and frames. I found some adorable nordic cookie cookies last year… And the last time we went, Olivia and I grabbed a $1 ice cream cone on our way out, too. :)

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    From Sarah:

    Argh, you’re making me so jealous! I live about 8 hours from the closest IKEA and so I’ve never been to one.

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