June 12, 2014

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I always enjoy going “shopping” at my parents’ house, as I like to call it. My mom has saved a bunch of stuff from when we were kids, has accumulated more treasures along the way, and they’ve inherited some cool stuff from my grandparents. In most cases if I say that I want something, I’m free to go home with it. These are my latest finds.

baby shirt / baby shoes in original box

handmade child’s hat / romper

jewelry box (I used to love it) / cabbage patch doll

kids’ tee / cigarette box (it was my grandmother’s)

not pictured: a beautiful basket and the perfect rolling wooden desk chair!

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    From Mom:

    Love this post! The handmade child’s hat was handmade by my mother back in the 1950s, I think for my sister. There’s a jacket that goes with it, which I’m not sure is around anymore. If it appears, I’ll give it to you, too. I’m glad the chair is working out! The wood is so pretty, I’m glad it has found a home where it can be useful as well as beautiful.

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    Such a great idea to shop at your parents’ place; the treasures you can find! I was fortunate enough to go “shopping,” at my grams apartment before she moved and she gifted me several gnomes that I love, they are all handcrafted and made out of wood. I have them tucked around our house, now.

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