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June 26, 2014

As you may remember, I am s-l-o-w-l-y decorating our house on a budget. I’m not going for anything high style, but more of a handmade, collected, simple, personal, and comfortable look. My focus lately has been our bedroom and I’ve made some updates since the last time I shared about it here. This time, though, I worked on the wall with the window and dresser. See the full “before” here, but just for reference this is what this wall looked like:

bedroom before

bedroom before side

Yup! It was terrible. But here it is now!

master bedroom dresser

master bedroom dresser

So much better! It’s hard for me to get a great photo of this wall because of that big window there and I only use an iPhone. But you get the idea.

I mentioned before how we painted the walls white and replaced the carpet. The next big change was getting rid of that huge TV (sold it in a garage sale) and moving the old dresser (it’s now in our guest room). The new dresser was given to us for free by a friend of my mom’s, so even though it might not be exactly what I would have chosen, it is a really great step in the right direction and the price was right. I love that it’s not blocking the window and we have lots more space. I have my own sock drawer now! I might replace the knobs one day but for now this is just fine.

master bedroom dresser

The top of the dresser was a bit scuffed up, so I made this table runner out of burlap and yarn (tutorial here).

master bedroom dresser

master bedroom dresser

I hung new curtains up; they are from IKEA as well as the rod. I even hemmed them! I also hung a curtain in place of a door to our bathroom. Most of the time I leave it pinned back so we can pass through easily, but I like that if we have company I can close it.

felt banner

grow where you are planted print

I made the “hi” felt banner from supplies I had on hand (idea found here) and I bought the “grow where you are planted” print from Urban Outfitters (with a gift card). I decided to leave the leaning mirror there because I get some use out of it and it’s not very distracting.

master bedroom dresser

I’m pretty happy with this wall of our room now! I would like to change up the plants eventually and add some real ones since it’s right by a window, and I’ll probably mess with the styling of the dresser too, but for now it’s making me smile. Next I’m working to create a gallery wall!

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    From Nora:

    Such a transformation! I love how sometimes the smallest things can make the largest impact. Looks great =)

  2. 2

    From Cait:

    This is a beautiful setup! I love seeing remodeled/refurnished spaces like this.

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