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July 10, 2014

Since starting whole30 I’ve realized just how often I tend to reward myself with food. It’s important for my mood to have things to look forward to, and food is usually the easiest pick-me-up. So a big part of this has been retraining my brain to see other things as a reward, and to take more pleasure in little things. So I wanted to share some of what is making me very happy lately!


1. Finding my personal style and curating my wardrobe : I’ve been having so much fun with this now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I did another closet purge and also separated out all the colder weather clothes so that everything I have is easily visible and accessible. I bought some neutral, summery tops and a couple of shorts. There are some pieces that I still need but overall I think I have a pretty good capsule wardrobe going on. I’m enjoying this method so much that I think I might even share with you what I’ve put together for summer (if I can get it together). I will also be even more intentional next season and will try to share my fall capsule wardrobe as well.

6. Showers : I luxuriate in my showers now! I don’t take one every day so it really is something to look forward to.

3. Pacifica lip balm : I found this lip balm that I thought I had lost, and I’m so glad! It’s all natural and lends just a hint of color to my lips. Perfect.


2. Nail and hand care : I usually don’t pay much attention to my nails and hands. I keep the nails trimmed and bare because it’s easiest for work, but since I wash my hands a million times a day they get very dry. A family friend sent me some Lush products after Liam was born (I love their stuff but it’s a splurge for me) and one thing that was included was cuticle cream. I recently got it out and started using it, which led to me actually painting my nails. It’s so hard to do with little kids around, but the finished result (using OPI’s At First Sight) makes me so happy! I’ve also been applying handmade body butter in my favorite scent (vanilla orange) to my hands a few times a day. Pampering my nails and hands has made me feel feminine and high class. :)

5. Stitching and podcasts : Some nights David takes Meredith to the store and Liam and I have some time at home alone together. I have a bunch of baby toys in the craft room right now so we go in there to hang out. I work on stitching his stocking and listen to podcasts, and it’s incredibly relaxing.


4. Cold brew coffee : You guys know this already, but I’m in love with my Chameleon cold-brew coffee. It’s perfect for summer and tastes so much better than I have ever been able to make. It honestly doesn’t need any sweetener, but I do look forward to trying the flavored versions (like mocha!) when whole30 ends.

7. Oyster (the app) : Since I’m trying to get reading back into a prominent place in my life, I decided to try the app Oyster which is kind of like Netflix for books. I’m loving the experience so far. My free trial is ending soon though, and I’ll have to decide whether or not to purchase a subscription. I’m so tempted!

What are you loving these days? What other little pleasures should I indulge in?

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    From lauren w:

    Say more about Oyster, I’m intrigued!

  2. 2

    From Melanie:

    Loved this! I too, fall in the trap of rewarding myself with food. Great job taking the time to be aware of these other splurges, it is inspiring!

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    Right now things at my house are a tad crazy so my indulgence? When I can get in an uninterrupted workout. It’s lovely and glorious. I also love my drive to work with the windows down and good tunes on the radio. Otherwise, I haven’t been doing much for myself lately and it’s leading to me feeling really, really worn down.

    Love that nail color!

  4. 4

    From Stephany:

    I think I need to try the Oyster app out. I’ve been waffling because I know financially, it’s not logical for me. (Since I just use the library or Overdrive, and won’t buy a Kindle book unless it’s $5 or less, $10 is more than I spend now.) But it seems like a very convenient option and I like not having to wait for books I want to read to come available at the library!

    My (non-food!) indulgences: long bubble baths, cuddling up in bed with my dog and reading a book, and reality TV

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