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week in the life 2014 : wednesday in the album

March 4, 2015

Here is another installment of my slowly-coming-together week in the life album from last October. I really hope to wrap up this project in the next month, two months tops. I’ve learned a lot from it and am SO glad to have done it, but I’m ready to move on (and definitely make some changes for next time). Wednesday’s enlarged photo came from the morning when Meredith put her Gyffy toy in “time-out.” The rest of the page and the next are morning photos. I am still using the front of the 3×8 pocket to document meals. On the back this day I wrote down a few random things: a quote, a gratitude, and a favorite moment. Notice that I…
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LIGHT : february

February 27, 2015

Here is this month’s update with my relationship to one little word (light). spiritual I feel kind of weird discussing my spiritual “progress” or lack of, since it’s a matter of the heart. I know that my actions matter, but I am not necessarily judged by them. Anyway, in the future I might leave this section off of these monthly updates unless I really have thoughts. For now I just want to note that Scripture memory is harder than it seems, and I still believe it all comes down to prayer (which I am not very good at). physical what’s been going well : I am done with long-distance races for now, and I’m pretty happy about it. David and I had…
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my memory-keeping framework

February 18, 2015

I thought it would be helpful (for me, at least) to write out my memory-keeping framework. I wanted to settle on an overall system to make sure that I’m capturing the big picture, the celebrations, and also the everyday details and stories of our lives. I also think that setting these boundaries will give me the freedom to say no to new projects (like this or this – both of which I love). It’s taken me several years to develop, and I don’t doubt that it will continue to change, but for now here is how I’m approaching memory keeping. Project Life >This is our family album and the foundation of my entire system. All of our everyday life stuff goes in…
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project life 2015 : january

February 6, 2015

Welcome to my first Project Life post of 2015! Before I share my pages I have a couple things to share about how I’m structuring my album and how the process will go for me. I know I said I was going to keep everything basically the same as last year, but I wanted to change up the title cards. When I saw these monthly calendar templates I knew they would be perfect, and I decided to add a picture of the kids in the same basic pose for each month. But these were monthly title cards and I usually complete a spread every two weeks. Sooo…I’m doing a mixture. What I mean is, I’m only going to have a title…
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LIGHT : january

January 30, 2015

Necklace from this Etsy shop and I love it. I am one month into the year of living with the word “light,” and I wanted to share a bit about how this process is going for me. In our prompts this month (for the class run by Ali Edwards) we set intentions and there were some suggested categories to focus on, so that’s how I’m going to structure these update posts. spiritual what’s been going well : so far I have been keeping up with my scripture memory challenge (one verse every other week), volunteering to help out at church, being involved in our life group and my own personal Bible study. still weighing on me : here’s the thing. Being…
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