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#7. Do A Bike Race: Tour de Pink Recap!

September 13, 2009

This morning I rode in my first ever biking event. It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to do more like it. Whenever I thought about it yesterday, I got nervous. Mainly just because I had never done this type of race before so I was afraid of not being prepared and not knowing where to go or what to do. It wasn’t timed or competitive, so I wasn’t worried about doing well. And since this was my first time, I chose to go the shortest distance, 12 miles, which is less than I routinely ride so I knew it would be easy. My wonderful husband came with me because I didn’t know anyone else, but he…
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Upcoming Races: My New Plan

August 11, 2009

Last week when I went to register for the perfect triathlon I had found, I got a sad surprise: it was FULL! I thought that signing up 2 1/2 months beforehand would be plenty of time, but apparently 800 other people had the same ideas I did! So because of this unexpected obstacle, I’ve had to rethink my training plan. You’re probably thinking that I’ll NEVER do a triathlon, that I’m just talking the talk and not walking the walk. And I admit, I’m kind of disappointed in myself that I haven’t secured myself a spot yet. But I promise you, I WILL do this! As soon as I saw that the race was full, I scoured the Internet for…
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Triathlon: Delayed, A Little

July 21, 2009

I’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone my triathlon aspirations for a little bit. There are a few reasons that have built up to lead me to this, and here they are: First, my training buddy cracked a rib and won’t be able to do much exercising for awhile. We haven’t actually been working out together, but we have been encouraging and motivating each other, checking in often, keeping each other accountable, and of course it was a huge help to know that someone would be doing the race with me, considering it will be both of our first triathlon. I had pepped myself up and was prepared to brave the race myself though… Then on Saturday, during…
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Just Some Stuff

July 16, 2009

Lately I feel like there are so many things going on in my life, little and big, that it’s hard to keep straight. I just want some time to relax and read my books, but it’s hard to let myself have that time. Anyway, before I head to bed I want to share with you a few of those random things that are happening, or that I’m thinking about. >The triathlon that I’ve been training for is about a month and a half away. I’m pleased to report that running is going very well. As long as I don’t attempt it in the heat of the day, I have no trouble running the 5k. Swimming is another matter. After I…
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Why I Am Training For A Triathlon

May 4, 2009

I’ve been an athlete my whole life, mostly playing soccer but there was a stint a couple years ago where I fancied myself a runner. Unfortunately, when I started my job almost a year ago, I had to quit playing soccer because of my crazy schedule, and I haven’t really kept up much of a serious exercise routine since then. I thought it would be enough to eat fairly healthy (which I do), have a physically demanding job (which I do), and occasionally supplement with yoga and bike riding (which I do). But despite all this, my weight continues to creep up ever so slowly. In talking to David about this last week, he told me, “Things change as you…
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