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quick takes / 16 weeks

August 16, 2013

I’m trying out the seven quick takes linkup today since it’s an excuse to just post random stuff, which is what I’m doing lately anyway. Not sure if I’ll always have seven though, so let’s just skip that part. One I’m 16 weeks along in this pregnancy and I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Especially in these early months before I can really feel the baby move I always get a little nervous before checkups. Yesterday about gave me a panic attack too. The experienced MA (Jen) who I LOVE is leaving the practice and so she was training a temp, and so it was just me and the temp in the room. First she starts analyzing my urine results…
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pregnancy hormones in full effect

August 14, 2013

So I cried at work yesterday. A lot. It was ugly. I tried to pull myself together in the bathroom but someone even came knocking on the door to make sure I was okay. And then I kept crying off and on for about an hour and just could not stop it. My mascara was gone and my eyes were puffy. I hope I didn’t scare anyone. The deal was, I had a rude patient. Rationally I knew that it was nothing personal to me (because I hadn’t done anything wrong and was nothing but nice) and I dug deep for sympathy and understanding because I know she is in a beyond stressful situation. Anything I told myself didn’t help…
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motherhood confessions

July 29, 2013

I have made a lot of decisions as a mother just to make life easier on us as a family. As long as everyone’s safety is taken care of, pretty much anything else is flexible. Especially now that I’m expecting again, things have taken an even greater turn for the laid-back, usually in favor of a little more rest or sleep. I know I can’t be alone in this, so let me tell you about it. Here’s a blurry picture of me in my post-work laziness, and Meredith copying me. Not pictured is her lack of pants or diaper. Can’t keep clothes on that girl. >Meredith doesn’t like bedtime and it’s hard to get her to wind down, so for…
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life updates and rambling thoughts

July 1, 2013

Remember how I used to blog? Those were good days. I used to have hobbies. And energy. I wrote posts like this one and felt like I had it all together. I made goals and achieved them. Well all of that has gone away for the moment. The month of June has been one big blur because on May 31 we found out that I’m pregnant. And now I don’t even know where to start explaining all of the thoughts and feelings I have about it. Even saying anything about it at all makes me feel guilty because I know it’s such a sensitive subject for some people, having recently been one of them myself. But I just feel the…
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pregnancy & diabetes

November 27, 2012

November is diabetes awareness month, and as a nurse health issues are close to my heart. Allison is an online friend of mine who has type 1 diabetes, and because of my own struggles with infertility I am also sensitive to any difficulty when it comes to conception and pregnancy. I encourage you to read her post today about how having diabetes affects everything related to pregnancy. It’s super interesting and I guarantee you’ll learn something! *** When Kathleen asked me to write about diabetes and pregnancy, because of Kathleen’s own troubles with pregnancy, I thought it was a brilliant idea! I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 19 years, so I know that often times people have flashbacks to the…
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