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january 2015 goals

January 5, 2015

Here are my first set of monthly goals for the year! I am choosing one goal for each of six categories that I want to make progress in. As I wrote about in my personal planning post, these do not include big, serious subjects (like health, spirituality, finances, etc.) but are nonessential tweaks I want to make to add happiness to my life. I think they will also help me on my journey to feeling light. Nagging task: Clean the car I keep my car fairly uncluttered and don’t leave trash in there, but I’m not the only one who drives it and lugging around two kids just begs for crumbs and random toys to be left in there. Purchase: Running…
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one little word 2015 : LIGHT

January 1, 2015

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, this year I am taking part in Ali Edwards’ class One Little Word. I have been following Ali for years so I’ve been familiar with her approach of taking on a word to help guide your intentions for the year, but I never felt compelled to do it myself until now. A couple of months ago I was going for a run around my neighborhood and listening to a podcast – I am pretty sure it was this one where Jess Lively interviewed Ali. They were talking about the one little word concept and all of a sudden the word LIGHT popped into my head. It felt very clear and I just knew…
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personal planning for 2015

December 29, 2014

As we come to the end of 2014, I want to talk about my goals and intentions for the new year. This kind of fresh start is all mental, of course, but it really works for me. After having a baby at the beginning of 2014, the rest of the year was focused on finding my footing as a mom of two, making adjustments, and getting healthy again. I did whole30, started running again, and made daily Bible study a priority. I will constantly be working on my spiritual and physical health, as well as the work/family/personal juggle, but I do feel like I have a basic framework in place. In fact, let me go over that: Spiritual: >Wake up…
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fall goals update and life lately

December 22, 2014

Seasonal goals has been perfect for me this year as I adjusted to having two children. I’m going to revamp my system for next year, though, so I won’t be making winter goals. More on my planning for 2015 soon. >Run a 10k: I did this back in September. Although my running hasn’t progressed the way I wish it had, a 10k isn’t a big deal for me anymore and for that I am proud. >Finish quilt: done! I have another one planned, but no idea when I’ll actually start it. >Take the Grocery Savings Made Simple e-course: I did this, and it was really helpful and inspiring. There are still some tasks I need to complete. some systems I want to implement,…
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keeping up with personal projects when you feel overwhelmed

November 4, 2014

Life has been busy lately! Between all the sicknesses in our household, a spirited toddler, more patients at work, and an overbooked schedule, I haven’t had much time for myself. That’s okay; it’s the season of life I’m in and I know it will come and go. You probably know by now that I am a very goal-driven and aspirational person. I always have personal projects that I’m working on, both big and small, and even more that I’m dreaming up. I actually become even more inspired when I am busy with other things. When I’m active physically my mind is active as well. Lately I have so many ideas and dreams and hobbies that it can be easy for me to…
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