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Relinquishing Goal 26

November 28, 2009

Number 26 on my 101 goals list is to learn CSS/HTML/PHP well enough to design and run my website independently. After much thought, equivocating, and some internal growth on my part I have decided to intentionally NOT complete this goal. The reason it ended up on the list in the first place is because I am committed to my blog and I like it so much better when it looks nice. I admit it, when I visit a new blog I totally judge its appearance. I won’t not read a blog if it’s badly designed, but if I like the way it looks then it has a higher chance of succeeding with me. I’m sure other people are the same way….
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I’m Like Job, Only Not

June 3, 2009

I feel as if Someone out there is messing with me, trying to figure out exactly how many tiny annoyances I can take. Each one in itself is nothing to write home about, but the inconveniences just keep coming and it is driving me slowly out of my mind. 1. Our lack of furniture, and how we ordered it over three months ago and in the end just canceled in frustration. We continue to eat every meal on our laps or using TV trays. 2. A myraid of computer problems which, unfortunately, you already know too much about. And when I finally got my computer fixed up, our internet went out. I waited around the house all day long yesterday on…
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the end is near

May 30, 2009

The end of what? Of this annoyingly long stretch of boring, picture-less posts that mostly have to do with my computer in one way or another. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because yesterday I spent two hours at the Apple store, and in the end I emerged with a completely functional computer and a brand new iPhone, after I offhandedly asked a question about a small issue I had been having with it. You would think that my problems would be solved, but you would be wrong. First of all, when I brought my computer home and attempted to re-install some programs, I found out that my administrative password wasn’t being accepted. I am…
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on my own with a disabled computer

May 26, 2009

Well, it appears I jumped the gun on the whole “my computer works!” thing. My computer DOES work, but it is impaired. I think it may have had a stroke, and is now experiencing some residual disability. Half of its brain works, the other half is paralyzed. The good news is it’s the internet side that works. I am typing right now from my computer, and I seem to be able to navigate the wonderful worldwide web without difficulty. But the second I try to open iPhoto my poor little compie just freezes. So I’m taking him to the hospital (aka the Apple store) on Thursday to see the doctor (aka genius). You may laugh, but last time they actually…
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my computer works!

May 24, 2009

It’s Sunday night, and while most of the country is basking in this long weekend, I am preparing for another day of work tomorrow. In case you’re wondering, it isn’t too fun to have a job where you are forced to work holidays and weekends. So it’s almost my bedtime, but I just wanted to write something, because we got so much accomplished this weekend. First of all, I am so excited that my computer is working again, thanks to my brother-in-law Scott. What happened was what they call a “logical failure” of the hard drive. Nothing physically wrong, but the computer no longer recognized it. So I paid $99 for this program from Prosoft Engineering, ran it overnight, and…
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