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book review + giveaway : dark hope by monica mcgurk

August 28, 2014

Yes this is a sponsored post and I was given the book as well as compensated for my review, but I promise I was only asked for my honest opinion! And I would never do otherwise. So feel free to skip this or check it out! You may like it. *** I agreed to review Dark Hope by Monica McGurk for three reasons: 1) I spent most of the summer reading Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry which is an epic western. It was awesome, but with something like that I always want to follow it with a completely different reading experience. 2) I am no stranger to some YA fantasy. In fact it’s probably one of my most beloved genres. 3) It was…
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happy valentine’s day : a giveaway

February 14, 2013

Since it’s a work night David and I aren’t doing much for Valentine’s Day other than exchanging cards and maybe eating takeout for dinner, but it’s still a good excuse to celebrate love in all its forms. Meredith’s class has a party today so we are contributing napkins handing out adorable little cards, and I dressed her in an outfit with hearts all over it. I’m still sad that she will NOT keep a bow or clip in her hair for more than 2 seconds though. I’m really looking forward to the days when she will let me play with her hair a little more, because there are so many cute hair things out there! My good friend Emily, for…
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Review & Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

January 25, 2012

Have y’all seen those pictures that are printed on canvas, like a painting? I’ve always thought they look really nice, but I wasn’t sure they’d be my style. But I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to see if I’d like to try one out, and if I liked it, to give one away. I figured this was a great opportunity to get some more art for the nursery, since one wall is still pretty bare. So I said yes! I chose one of Meredith’s newborn pictures, a closeup of her face in black and white (taken by my good pal Cio). I was going for a more abstract look. The one I got is 8×10, and here’s how it…
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Review and Giveaway: SnapSac!

November 22, 2011

I was happy to be contacted by SnapSac! for a review and giveaway, because they make awesome reusable totes which are just the kind of thing I use all the time. And also, because isn’t Snapsac! such a fun thing to say? (Exclamation point added by me, because I think it’s appropriate.) So anyway, SnapSac makes reusable bags that are perfect to stock up on for the grocery store, weekend outings, or really anything. Here is the one they sent me: It’s a super tote, and it IS super. Excuse my awkward posing. Right after I got it I put it to the test and I used it all during my brother’s wedding day. I had so many errands to…
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