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My First Hurricane

September 14, 2008

When I was younger and I first learned that my mom had lived through a hurricane, I was in awe. I couldn’t believe she had survived. I think that in my mind, hurricanes were more like massive tornados. Nowadays, we have hurricanes in the gulf like every other week. If one comes our way, to most people my age it is an excuse to get off work and have a hurricane party. Unfortunately, if you work in a hospital that is not the case. I’m a member of the “ride-out” team on my unit, which meant that when I went to work on Friday, I packed a suitcase and wasn’t allowed to leave. I was told that I had to…
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I Don’t Like Ike

September 11, 2008

Not only did I have to cancel my bridal shower for Saturday morning along with other appointments regarding wedding planning (which is kind of a big deal when it’s only three weeks away and I work next weekend), but I will also probably be stuck up at work on Friday night by the looks of it. I’m on the “ride out” team at work, so I have to pack some clothes when I come tomorrow and, if things are bad outside, stay here until someone can come relieve me. The ONLY good thing about this is that I will get paid overtime. Totally NOT WORTH IT. Here’s hoping that Ike leaves us alone.