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getting kids to fall asleep and stay asleep

September 15, 2015

Hey hey, let’s talk about sleep, shall we? Specifically, how to get your kids to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our basic situation was that both kids had been sleeping in our bed since they were born. I went to sleep at the same time as Meredith in our bed, David would take Liam on a drive until he fell asleep, and then he’d bring him to lay with me where Liam would nurse. He would end up nursing multiple times throughout the night, more if he was teething or sick. Half the time David would end up sleeping on the couch if there wasn’t room for him to crawl in. So…we made a strong effort to get Meredith to sleep…
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Sleeping Baby.

August 8, 2012

Photographing a sleeping baby is a sickness. I just can’t help it. She’s a good sleeper, she is. Not so great at naps, but after the first couple weeks I have only felt sleep deprived a handful of times. I will never fail to appreciate this gift. She sleeps most of the night beside me and has since birth. We are happiest that way (even my husband!), and it’s easy, and it makes me feel more connected to her after being away so long during the day. But if there’s ooooone little thing I could request, it’s that she wouldn’t resist GOING to sleep so much. She has had a late bedtime for awhile now, and I didn’t fight it because…
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