Cat Love

June 14, 2007

My boyfriend’s parents have a cat named Teddy who is, in my opinion, absolutely the best cat in the world. My aunt and uncle’s cats are a close second, but Teddy is my kind of cat because a) she’s fat and fluffy, b) she lets you pet her tummy, and c) she’s not afraid of people and loves to sit in your lap for hours. She’s very un-catlike in that way. Every time I would come to their house I’d dote over the cat. So Alice, David’s mom, told me that if something ever happened to her that Teddy would go to me because I evidently cared more about her than the rest of the family. So Teddy is my godcat. And I am her godmother.

That very night that she was bequeathed to me, Alice had an acute gallbladder attack which put her through a lot of pain. One of the first things she said was, “I didn’t think Kathleen would get the cat so quickly!”

So anyway, I’ve been emotionally invested in this cat for awhile now. Last week, Alice informed me that Teddy is sick. She isn’t eating well anymore, and she is breathing funny. After a series of x-rays, they are pretty sure that she has cancer in two places, one of those being the liver, which is never a good sign. The family had to go out of town for a few days, and Alice didn’t want Teddy to be alone so I’ve taken on another house-sitting assignment. Teddy is looking good so far, although she still isn’t eating much, and she’s no longer as fat. I just hope nothing happens to her while they’re gone.

Last night as I was going to sleep Teddy laid down by my feet. A couple of hours later she padded her way up to my chest where she snuggled herself in and I put my arm around her. She purred and I fell asleep happily. I love this cat.

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    From Katy:

    Sometimes, SOMEtimes, I think I could handle owning a cat, like it might be nice to come home to a furry little cat.

    Then I realize that if I get one cat, I’m opening the floodgates of becoming the crazy cat lady because I just have THAT KIND of personality. So no cats for me.

    I vote for a kitty picture next WW.

  2. 2

    From AO:

    i have always (so far as i can remember, anyhow) had a cat like that. my parents have always done most of the work–by that i mean mostly that my mom has done all the requisite doting and my dad has taken on the “chore” of seeing to the animals’ petting needs.

    anyhow, pets are not allowed at my apartment and sadder words have not been uttered by way of my clicking keyboard.

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    From Marchar:

    Teddy sounds like a wonderful cat but Buckley and Bailey are actually the best cats in the world. I have pictures to prove it. I’d be happy to send some to you so that you can post them on your blog. I’d love to see a picture of Teddy as well. I’m so sorry Teddy has cancer. I’ve had several cats go down to cancer and it isn’t any fun at all.

    We just got the news Friday that Kenzie has Lymphoma cancer. We’ve started chemo treatments and hoping and praying she’ll live another year or so. Already after the first treatment yesterday, her lymph nodes are no longer swollen.

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