Things I Learned In Class Today

July 2, 2007

1. The movie Pulp Fiction has its drug facts all wrong.
2. The best strategies for a nurse to steal drugs from the hospital for personal use.
2. How to make cocaine.

And OK, I did learn some other stuff about substance abuse. But for some reason it doesn’t quite stick in my mind as well…

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    From David, The Rainmaker:

    Then what SHOULD have happened in the movie?

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    From David, The Rainmaker:

    Also, “I Am Charlotte Simmons” is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. In fact, it might be the second worst book ever written. Right behind “The Notebook”.

    However, it has brilliant cover designs. Both of which are stunning. One won one of the highest honors for book covers (from AIGA), and the other is just awesome:

    Book design version one (that won the award)

    The second one that’s just plain awesome

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    From admin:

    David: Here is one example of mistakes that were made in Pulp Fiction. In the part where Uma Therman has overdosed, she is given 10 cc of epinephrine when the usual dose is about 0.3 cc. Also, they inject it right in her sternum which isn’t the correct way to give an intra-cardiac injection–that definitely wouldn’t work. You would have to go up underneath the ribs.

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    From admin:

    Also, we definitely judge a book by its cover in our book club, and so that was very influential in our choosing I Am Charlotte Simmons this month.

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    From Wordpress Commenter:

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to write something like this

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