A Decent End To A Rough Week

September 29, 2007

This has been a week of school stress (always that), being sick, my boyfriend being sick, not being able to see my boyfriend because of school stress and us being sick, not being able to run due to being sick, still having to deal with school stress and work despite being sick, all of which culminated in me having a breakdown in my parents’ kitchen last night over something I took way too personally, something small that really didn’t have to do with me but just came at the wrong time. So I left early, and I didn’t even have ice cream.

But today I am pet-sitting for my boys, and I have a 103-pound yellow shadow named Riley who slept next to me in the bed until 10 o’clock when we got up, who climbed into the shower with me this morning just to be close to me, who somehow knows that I really need some love right now. I have nowhere to be today unless I decide to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure, which I just might do. And oh yeah, I brought a whole half gallon of ice cream home with me from my parents’ house. So there’s that.

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