This Is Getting Old, But Apparently I’m Not

September 23, 2007

I was studying at a coffee shop today, when one of the employees said to me, “I didn’t know high schoolers got such big textbooks!” I replied, “Actually, this is my second degree.”

This is a variation on a common question/comment I get about my age. It’s one thing to be mistaken for a youngster by an older person, but this guy looked like he’s about 19 himself. I’m just wondering, at what age am I going to quit being mistaken for a high schooler? Honestly I don’t think I look like one.

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Comments on This Is Getting Old, But Apparently I’m Not

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    From Erica:

    Funny stuff! As luck would have it, today is my 28th birthday. What makes this especially funny to me was that last night when I was in Dillon’s a high school guy tried to flirt with me. How old do I look? :) All my life I’ve been taken as older than I actually am…maybe the clock is going backward now?

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    From Julie:

    Kathleen, I get comments like this all the time. And just today I found out that at age 26 a person is older than most people in the world (not just America, then it is 39). Someday it will work to our advantage…

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    From David, The Rainmaker:

    Ahahaha that’s hilarious. Good thing you’re so damn cute!

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    From Katy:

    I JUST saw your comment asking who Gimmee Fiction is. Spoon is actually the band. GF is one of their albums.

    Also, my sister constantly gets mistaken for being the older one. And she’s more than 3 years younger than me!

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    From Emily:

    I love the title you gave this. I guess I thought that by 26 I would, at least, not be mistaken for a high school student anymore. The replies get old too. When you let them know how old you are they think they are original in saying “wow” or “you’ll be glad about it someday, heh, heh.” What “looks” old or “young.” Bobby thinks, perhaps, a purity of spirit that shows- or a sweetness- is part of what makes people assume I am young. I think that would go for you as well, Kathleen. Anyway, it doesn’t keep from thinking of creative ways to say “I am much older than you think.” Or smirking and letting them think I am as young as they assume.

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    From dad:

    Hey Kat,

    Smell the toast burning, it’s a pickup line, the guy wanted to flirt with you. Yes you are that “damn” cute.


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