I’m OK, You’re OK!

October 8, 2007

I apologize for my last post, which I admit was utterly depressing. I really have been going through something lately, and I think I can honestly say that last week was one of the worst weeks of my life. That post basically summarized how I felt up to that point.

But! I have wonderful people in my life who have been there for me, and I have received many words of encouragement and much support. I do believe that I am loved by a mighty God through whom all things are possible. I now have complete hope and confidence in my situation, and although it remains difficult, I know I can make it through to the other side. Not only that, but I know that the other side holds a better life for me and those involved in this ordeal.

So, let me talk about some random, completely unrelated things to distract me and to make this a happier place to be. First of all, I went to see the movie The Jane Austen Book Club with my roommates, and I loved it. I’ve only read two of Jane Austen’s books, and now I’d really like to read the rest. A long time ago my grandmother gave me the complete set, so I have them all. But that’s beside the point; the movie was really cute and funny, so if you like that kind of thing you should see it.

Secondly, I have now witnessed a C-section and a vaginal birth. Both were fascinating, but I have to say that when I have kids I really don’t want a C-section if I can help it. Also regarding school, I have the rest of this week off, which is quite nice, but then next week I have a test in both classes so I need to hit the books.

On Saturday I ran the Race For The Cure. I think I did pretty well, considering the pack of people I was hindered by. Not that I was trying to win any awards or anything, I was just hoping to have a decent personal time. Also on Saturday I went to see the David Crowder Band in concert. It was pretty good, but not one of the best concerts I’ve seen. The place was pretty big, and we weren’t very close. Also, I was extremely exhausted and I think I actually dozed off during one of the songs. Oops. However, the opening band, The Myriad, was really good, and the whole experience was worth it just to see the people around us dancing and getting into the music. Sometimes Christian rock concerts are just hilarious.

In conclusion, I hope everyone has a great week. I know mine will be better than the last. To quote Mandy Moore, “I’m looking forward to looking back on these days.”

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Comments on I’m OK, You’re OK!

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    From Katy:

    Gah! Agh! No! Vaginal birth! C-Sections! Any kind of birth! Blech. Hurts just to think about it.

  2. 2

    From Doc:

    this post reminded me of something i had nearly forgotten about: I saw David Crowder Band once. I was standing on the floor–no stadium seats or bleachers or anything like that–about 6.2 miles from the stage, behind a large crowd of people who were mostly shorter than me, except for Maximinus Thrax, who was standing right in front of my seat.

    so i took two steps to my left and, moments later, a pregnant woman who was kind of ‘in to it’ sort of ‘bumped into me’ and said “oh, sorry.” i smiled and said “there’s no need to apologize, i took it as a compliment” and she said “really, i’m sorry.”

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