Money I’ve Spent In The Last Week:

October 11, 2007

Gas: $33.86
Food: $24.81
Parking: $14
New purse: $59
Indoor soccer league fee: $65
Heartworm pill: $14.16
Gym membership fee: $20.57
Haircut for my boyfriend: $15.95
Fishing license: $33
Dental visit (no, I don’t have dental insurance): $107
Car repairs: $184.92

TOTAL: $572.27

Gah! Notice there are no bills on the list, and only one real splurge item. Good thing I’m a high roller makin’ the big bucks. Wait…I’m actually a full-time student with a $9/hr part-time job. Hm.

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Comments on Money I’ve Spent In The Last Week:

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    From Megan:

    I hope that heartworm pill really does the trick for you. Nothing like a bad case of heartworm to get a girl down.


  2. 2

    From Katy:

    I’ve been keeping track of every dollar I spend in a journal I keep by my bed. I try to pay cash for everything, and then I record it at night in the journal. I’ve been doing this for about a week. The idea is to keep it up for about a month and see where my money really goes. So far, I’m not liking the results.

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