my return to normal life

November 4, 2007

So I’ve been out of town the past three weekends, and this past week I was house-sitting for half the week. In the meantime life went on, including work and school, and all of it put together left me quite frazzled. No more, my friends! I am back home and settled. Here are the things that I am most excited about right now, approximately in order:

1. Being able to spend more time with my wonderful boyfriend.
2. Getting to see my family and my boyfriend’s family regularly again.
3. Spending more time with my dog Cleo and taking care of her again.
4. The full apartment deep clean that my roommate Amanda and I did yesterday.
5. The $100 worth of groceries (MOST of which are fairly healthy) that I bought today.
6. Getting back to a normal life schedule.
7. Being able to return to church next week.
8. Running again, and our relay team coming together.
9. The manicure/pedicure I scheduled for tomorrow.
10. The fact that my checkbook is balanced.
11. At this point I have school somewhat under control.
12. Starting to ride the bus again tomorrow (and thus save money on gas, tolls, and parking).

Sometimes small things make me happy. Right now I’m just glad to be home!

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    From Katy:

    I heart running.

    P.S. My knees still hurt, but I read that runner’s knee is probably caused by a lack of strength in the thigh muscles. Guess I will work on that. Onward!

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