Christmas List

December 8, 2007

Around Christmas time I really get the urge to shop, which is normal, but it really stinks that I don’t have any money to speak of. So what I did instead was go “shopping” for things to put on my Christmas list. Everyone in our family is required to make a list and send it out, and I can’t imagine doing Christmas shopping without them. I make sure to make mine complete and send it out to everyone, not just my mom, well in advance every year. :)

In case you’re interested, or even if you’re not, these are some things that I came up with this year.

>Of course, Gilmore Girls – seasons 4, 6, and 7. Also House season 3.

>The JBL Spot speakers for my computer.

>Over the Rhine CD’s Snow Angels and Live From Nowhere Vol. 2.

>The microdelivery peel by Philosophy.

>The women’s tweed pleated lady coat from Gap.

>Running shoes, specifically Nike Shox Navina.

>I am in desperate need of some sunglasses, and I really like these from Anthropologie.

 >Cranium, an excellent game for the game nights which we frequently host.

And finally, what I want most of all that I’m not really expecting to get (but if I don’t get I will surely save up and buy myself)…

>The Garmin GPS. It is amazing and I am in love with it.

So, what’s on your Christmas list?

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