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January 8, 2008

Life is busy, and obviously sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with writing here. Sometimes, for one reason or another, I’m tempted to quit. But I’ve come to realize that I really like this thing, this little space of mine. So I’m still plugging away. It wasn’t a resolution of mine to blog more, but it’s as good a time as any to try to. You might get some entries that aren’t very interesting or good, not that they ever are really, but from now on they might be even less so. I’m just saying.

Now onto my topic for the day. It’s tough when things don’t meet expectations, even little things. For example, for Boyfriend David’s birthday I bought him an FM Direct Adapter for his Sirius radio to get hard-wired into his truck. What this is supposed to do is eliminate all the static which annoys him to no end. I thought it was an awesome present, and when I gave it to him last night he was really excited. So we decided to take his truck in to Best Buy to get it installed today while we were both at work.

We dropped the truck off, and I gave him a ride back to work. A few hours later they called to say it was ready. As we drove over to the store we were both really nervous that it wasn’t going to work, but deep down we knew it was going to. Why would they sell the things if they didn’t work? So we got to the store, paid, got his keys, and then both climbed into the cab for the moment of truth. “The Lighthouse’s Tale” by Nickel Creek was blasting, and guess what? So was the static. Our hearts sank.

We got the guy from the Geek Squad to come out and listen to it, and he told us that the FM direct adapter that I bought must be bad, that there was a bad batch of them, that everything else with the installation went fine. He said he would exchange it for a new one and reinstall it. In order to do that we had to go to customer service to print out a new receipt, after waiting in a long line, of course. Finally, receipt in hand, we went back to the garage and handed it to the guy. Almost as an afterthought, we asked if he had any more in stock. Of course, as it turned out, they don’t. Neither did any other Best Buy around, except for one about 30 minutes away, which supposedly had three.

I went back to work, and David started driving out there to pick one up. But he didn’t get far before turning around, because the traffic was so bad. He decided to go in the evening instead, and have a coworker help him drop his truck off tomorrow. But when he went to the store this evening, the Best Buy that supposedly had three FM direct adapters actually had none and never did have any. So now we’re stuck with a faulty one, waiting for another shipment of some kind.

Many times today I’ve had to fight the urge to feel bad that my present that I was so excited about didn’t really work out, and instead only caused more stress. It could have led to a disappointing evening. But David and I are learning to adapt and be positive, and instead we got Bennigan’s to go and spent the evening eating, playing with the dogs, watching our favorite show, and enjoying each other. I am very grateful for that.

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