hello, happy birthday, the year begins!

January 7, 2008

Hello friends. Funny thing. I just got back from vacation, and I wrote a whole post before I left, but then I forgot to publish it. Sorry about that. But before I get any farther, happy birthday David, my love, and I hope to spend many more with you. :)

Had to get that out of my system, but before I get too sappy, a brief rundown of my vacation. For the fourth year in a row I traveled with my good friend and former roommate Carmen and her sister Lauren to stay in a cabin in Angel Fire, New Mexico. We decided that three years of doing something makes a tradition, and so this has become one of ours. Highlights of the trip included skiing, snowmobiling, eating, holing up in the cabin and reading, watching movies, and playing games.

Now I am getting back into the swing of normal life. I was back at work today, and classes start Wednesday. Also on my priority list is running to get ready for that fast-approaching race I’ve entered and trying to pay off some of the credit card bill that I somehow amassed.

Oh, and happy new year! Last year, one of my resolutions was to floss my teeth every night, and that one actually stuck. For the record, this year I resolve to stop sending text messages while I drive, an action that, although it is something at which I excel, I recognize as a dangerous habit. I already broke it once because I forgot, but I’m trying really hard now.

It’s going to be a momentous year!

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    From Katy:

    Yay! I like to think I helped you start the flossing habit. It’s the little things, Kathleen.

    I need to run. Right now I’m going to the running store to look at shoes ‘cos I need some new ones.

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