What’s Going On Here?

February 6, 2008

Things are a little different around here, as you can see. I’ve been blogging at kapachino.info for over a year now, and after awhile I started wanting a change. It was only a month ago that I realized, hello? My very own brother is a graphic and web designer! So I asked him to completely redesign my blog as a birthday gift, and he very willingly complied.

Brother David is employed by Rice University where he designed and maintains, among others, the Coffeehouse website and the Recreation Center website. Sometimes he takes on freelance jobs, too. His own website is under construction, but I have seen it in the works and it is very cool.

So welcome to the new kapachino blog! I hope you enjoy it. There will be some new features coming soon, and I’ll update you on those as we get there. But in the meantime, leave a comment with some love, because I know David worked really hard on this and I greatly appreciate it.

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Comments on What’s Going On Here?

  1. 1

    From Carmen:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!! I love it!

  2. 2

    From Katy:

    It looks love, Kathleen! Shoot, might be time to take David up on his standing offer to design a lovely blog for me!

  3. 3

    From Uncle Blyth:

    The boy does nice work. Must have inherited his talent from someone….. ;D)

  4. 4

    From Scott:

    Very nice – clean, attractive, and functional.

    Sorry I was a bit out of the blogging loop for a while there, but I should be back again now!

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