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thoughts on blogging and social media

February 8, 2018

Hi! Today I’m going to get a little meta and blog about blogging. These are just my thoughts about how I want to proceed with it. I took almost a year off posting, and it was absolutely what I needed. I missed it for various reasons, so I’ve been posting sporadically in the past half year. Right now I want to figure out how and if I am going to continue with it. What I love about blogging: writing helps me process things (and doing it for an audience helps me to be precise in what I want to say and therefore clarifies my thoughts), it spurs on my creativity, I enjoy connecting with others through this medium, and I…
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i have a newsletter!

August 9, 2016

Guess what? I’m back to putting words out into the world! Although I can’t keep up with blogging these days, and I’m not very good at doing it sporadically because I put too much pressure on myself, I’ve figured out the perfect medium for me right now: I started a monthly email newsletter! The first one went out at the end of July, and a new one will go out monthly. I’m loving it because it’s more personal, more flexible, and it’s still a great way for me to share with you what I’m reading, things I love and want to share, fun links, updates from my life, and any other thoughts I’m having. I’ve received such encouraging feedback already,…
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instagram hashtags i use & love

July 8, 2015

Like the rest of the world, I’m in love with Instagram and it’s definitely my favorite social media platform. Over the past year I’ve realized the power of the hashtag. I don’t like it when there are more than a few hashtags used, but one or a few can be really helpful! Here are some that I personally use or love to look at. personal These are the hashtags I created myself so I can look back on certain categories of photos grouped together later on. #meredithforbes & #liamcforbes – The kids each have their own. #forbeskitties – It’s impossible to own a cat and not post pics to Instagram. #kapachinoreads – These are updates on what I’m currently reading or reviews of…
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texas style council 2015 recap

March 26, 2015

Photo credit: Chelsea Laine Francis For a couple of years now I’ve been interested in attending some sort of blogging event or weekend, if only to make new friends with similar interests. Last year, when I was considering making a bigger push to monetize my blog, I began actively seeking conferences to attend. Nothing felt right. But then my friend Indiana, who I had met through a mutual friend before either of us knew the other were bloggers, announced that she’d be putting on the fifth and final Texas Style Conference. It would be scaled back, totally non-glitzy, at a camp, with a theme of creating meaningful presence. I loved this. And since it was to be held within driving distance and all…
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back from texas style council

March 24, 2015

Hi friends! I made it back from Texas Style Council, and it was everything I hoped it’d be. I do plan to do a more complete recap of the weekend, but my head and heart are still swirling with thoughts and emotions that I want to process before I really write about it. I went with the purpose of making friends and having fun, and I totally did both of those. Being a volunteer was 100% the right choice for me because it allowed me to connect more quickly and easily with a smaller group of people rather than getting overwhelmed with 200 at once. I wouldn’t say it was a restful weekend because we did work hard and stay…
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