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February 8, 2018

Hi! Today I’m going to get a little meta and blog about blogging. These are just my thoughts about how I want to proceed with it.

I took almost a year off posting, and it was absolutely what I needed. I missed it for various reasons, so I’ve been posting sporadically in the past half year. Right now I want to figure out how and if I am going to continue with it.

What I love about blogging: writing helps me process things (and doing it for an audience helps me to be precise in what I want to say and therefore clarifies my thoughts), it spurs on my creativity, I enjoy connecting with others through this medium, and I have an urge to share things that I love.

The drawbacks: I seem to run out of time and/or mental energy to actually get it done, adding decent quality photos is kind of hard for me (mostly because of the availability of natural light when I’m at home), sometimes I get a vulnerability hangover, and I have an all-or-nothing personality that tends to put internal pressure on myself to do things very well or not at all.

As for social media, it’s really not my thing. I’m hardly on Facebook anymore (I unfollowed everyone and only check my group notifications every few days) and Twitter not at all. I do check Instagram daily but get notifications on accounts I don’t want to miss updates from. I love stories but can’t keep up. I’m fine with this and I actually feel like I’m in a healthy place with it.

Overall, I’m still really interested in blogging more. I think I’m finally to the point where I can let go of the pressure to blog in a certain way. I don’t think getting photos will be too hard if I make a bit of an effort, especially if I see it as an exercise in creativity. I can choose not to overshare. Availability of time and energy is still a deterrent, but we will see how it goes. This year one of my goals is to prioritize recreation and creativity, so this fits.

Going forward, I’m going to make an effort to make blogging more a part of my life. I want to see how I feel when I do this, and if it’s even possible. I want to keep writing about my goals and my faith, but I also just want to do more life updates with photos. Two of my favorite blogs (this one and this one) are like that, and it’s delightfully old school. I also want to share craft and home projects as well as things I love. I want this to be a happy place.

I’m not going to be posting my blog updates anywhere except maybe Instagram stories (and occasionally my main feed), but if you want to get new posts I recommend subscribing with email, which you can do in the right sidebar. You will probably need to find the confirmation in your spam folder at least the first time. (A note: if you used to subscribe to my blog via a feed reader, you will need to re-subscribe because the address has changed.)

And if you’re reading, I’d absolutely love it if you’d leave a comment to say hi!

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Comments on thoughts on blogging and social media

  1. 1

    From Sarah K:

    Hi friend! =)

  2. 2

    From Lauren W:

    Oh hey

  3. 3

    From San:

    I am excited you’re blogging again. I feel like you have a good balance with social media and there shouldn’t be any pressure here… this is YOUR space and I can’t wait to read more from you again.

  4. 4

    From Alisa beth:

    I have always enjoyed your blog! Glad you’re keeping it a priority!

  5. 5

    From Holly:

    I’m glad you’re keeping your blog a priority – I love reading :)

    I’m getting back into blogging again after a year off too … I stopped blogging because I was tired of the pressure. This time I’m blogging to document a specific goal and how my family’s going to achieve it. If I still enjoy blogging after that, I’ll keep going :D

  6. 6

    From Sarah:

    I am excited that you are “back!” After some finagling, I got you re-added to my Feedly too. :)

  7. 7

    From Kathleen:

    Yay! Although, apparently I’m not quite as “back” as I thought I would be but I am still going to try!

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