Dog Park

March 30, 2008

David and I took the three dogs to the dog park on Saturday. Our dogs include Cleo (of course), his dog Eddy who is a lab mix, and his brother Chris’s dog Sydney, a boxer. As soon as we got there Cleo went off on her own, making new friends, swimming, and basically having a grand old time. She didn’t need us so we let her go, and I kept an eye on her from time to time. Eddy and Sydney didn’t want to leave our side, so we started walking around the park so that they could enjoy it. David said that he would rather them not get in the water so we walked the other way instead. Unfortunately, that led us right by a giant mud pit which Sydney did not hesitate to wallow in.

Sydney in the Mud from Kathleen on Vimeo.

She was also drinking the muddy water. At first we were upset because we really weren’t prepared to clean her up, but the more she played in it the happier she looked. Honestly I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Sydney happy

Eddy got in the mud too, probably thinking that it looked like fun, but as soon as she got in she realized it was wet (Eddy doesn’t like to be wet) so she jumped out right away. Luckily there was a little shower there for them, although David did have to give them a full bath when he got home.

Eddy shower

Later that night I noticed that something was wrong with Cleo. Her tail is now hanging limply behind her and doesn’t wag. I never realized how important the tail wag was until now. It’s like all the happiness has been drained from the apartment. So I examined her and even took her temperature and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. She isn’t moving around as much and when she goes to sit down it seems difficult for her. I’m hoping she just strained a muscle and it will get better in a few days.

Cleo tail

She slept in my bed last night as usual, and this morning woke me up by throwing up. Then later on she threw up a couple times on my floor. I think this is unrelated to her other issue. Anyway, I really hope she recovers soon because looking at that sad little face and tail is so depressing, and I really can’t afford a vet bill right now!

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