Another Last Day

May 23, 2008

Today was my last day at the part-time job that I have had throughout school. Although I am very excited to start my career as a nurse, I am sad to leave this office for many reasons. I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know the people there, and my bosses have been so accommodating to my weird schedule with school. Lately, this job has even paid my rent.

But the main reason I’m sad to leave is because David works there. It’s where we met (for all practical purposes), where we became friends, and even where he asked me out the first time. In the file room, actually. When our lives got busy over the course of our relationship, there were times we’d cling to the fact that at least we’d see each other at work. Soon we will be spending a lot more time together, but not seeing him here is still an adjustment.

For old times’ sake I tried to get David to re-enact and let me record the scene where he asked me out and I asked if I could think about it. He wasn’t up for that, and I have no idea why not. So instead, here is a picture of us in a place that holds many memories for us.

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