oh, is that how it’s done?

May 15, 2008

I’m at school today for the last session of a review course I’m taking for the NCLEX. The room we’re in has two doors, and after a break I went to enter the second door, but it was locked from the outside. As I was standing there waiting for a friend to open it for me from inside, a girl I don’t know walked up behind me. She paused for a moment and then said to me in her most helpful tone, “Here’s the handle,” and she reached to open the door. She found it locked just as I had, and then understanding swept over her face.

Internet, if I hope to pass the NCLEX, I certainly hope that by this point in my life I know that a) turning a handle is what opens a door, and b) how to recognize a handle when I see one.

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    From Katy:

    It’ll be a family Web site, and I think I’m going to transfer my blog over there and have a page that is sort of the Katy blog page. Brandon doesn’t blog, so I think I’ll be doing most of the writing.

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    From Erica:

    oh, i needed a laugh today! Thank you!

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