June 6, 2008

I have successfully completed my first week of work, and I have determined that new nurse orientation is way worse than school. Except for the fact that I am getting paid good money for it, which makes it bearable.

Basically I have been sitting in lectures. They cover a variety of topics, from why Methodist is considered a magnet hospital, to wound care, to cultural competency (as if I haven’t had that drilled into my head a million times by now), to operating an AED. I have also been doing a thousand computer-based training modules. These are better than the lectures, but after the 999th one they get pretty old. (You may notice that I’m prone to hyperbole today.)

Next week doesn’t look much better. In fact, it looks worse because I finished all my computer modules and now I mainly have only lectures to look forward to. Except Wednesday, which is, if you remember, the day I am taking the most important test of my LIFE.

Speaking of that, I guess it’s another reason I feel so drained. I come home from work and I study, that’s what I do. I managed to hurt my back in the process somehow, maybe from all that strenuous sitting I’ve been doing. But seriously, if it doesn’t start feeling better soon I’m going to have to go to a doctor. David and I have barely seen each other this week, which is no fun for either of us. I’m not trying to be a complainer, I’m just trying to express how much I can’t WAIT to get that test over with and start a normal life!

So, I’m taking the evening off to hang out with my parents. David is going to see the Astros with my brothers, so my mom and I are going to go for a short shopping trip. Perhaps I can get some studying in later tonight, but if I can’t, eh. I have the whole weekend for that.

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    From Emily A:

    Hey Bobby and I were at that Astros game- we took all the counselors out to it for a “Training After Party” or a “Pre-Camp Party” :) Whichever!

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