Tokens of Affection

July 25, 2008

In the past couple of weeks Cleo has started to do something really cute. Every time I leave for awhile (to work or if I’m gone in the evening), she will go upstairs and bring down one, two, or even three of my shoes. I find them in the places where she likes to rest: on her bed, on the couch, by the rug behind the couch, or under the computer table. She doesn’t chew the shoes; I think she either likes to have the smell of me nearby, or she’s trying to show me that she misses me. It’s adorable because she doesn’t even like going upstairs and will only go if I’m calling her up for the night. My dad has tried to catch her in the act of bringing the shoes down, but she is sneaky.

Today my cleat was behind the couch:

And my flip-flop was on her bed:

I cannot imagine not owning a dog. Cleo definitely increases my quality of life!

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