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August 27, 2008

I was really wanting to talk to you about something other than my job and my wedding today. But, not yet.

I have been taking care of patients completely on my own for about a week and a half now. One patient I have been the primary nurse for since about a month ago. I have built a strong relationship with her sister (she herself does not speak due to a stroke). Last Friday through Monday I took care of three patients, all of whom I knew and had taken care of before.

Today, after one day off, I arrived at work and the first thing I noticed was that my patient for the past month wasn’t on the floor anymore. After questioning, I found out that she was transferred to ICU yesterday, having become septic. That was a downer.

Then I received my assignment for the day and I was given four patients, all brand new who I knew nothing about, and two were due for discharge. You might think that’s a good thing, because they’d be leaving. However, discharges and admissions take a lot of time. There is paperwork, medication reconciliation, fulfilling doctor’s orders, and preparing them to leave to take care of. Both of my patients wanted to leave as soon as possible, and the beginning of the shift is always busy anyway.

A little bit later, the doctor of a patient I had over the weekend came to the unit and informed us that after he was discharged last night (against medical advice), he went home and shot himself in the head. Wow.

After I got through all of that, the day got better. And tomorrow, I hope to come to you with something completely new and random!

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Comments on Not A New Subject Yet

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    From Tabaitha Kaye:

    Wow, what a day.

  2. 2

    From Barry:

    Not really where I thought the post was going, but ok.

  3. 3

    From Katy:

    Um, wow. Shocker at the end of this post, for sure. Hope you’re coping, as I think that would be really freaky to know.

    A man I met while working at the Trib a couple years ago was shot in the back on his way into his job at the animal shelter in Waco. I think I cried when I read about it in the paper.

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